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TJC Asset Management began managing the digital media assets ( video, photographic and text based content ) of one client in 2004. Today we manage over 200 terabytes of digital media for both individual clients and corporations. By utilizing best in class, offline , Mac based software coupled with strict adherence to naming conventions and meta data insertion our clients can rest assured that their content is secure and yet readily accessible. Practically speaking, this allows us to quickly retrieve properly meta’d content for further editing, publication, encoding, social distribution etc.   content-management-400

The “Media Asset Management” (MAM) sub-category of digital asset management mainly addresses audio, video, photographic and other media content.

Our Content Management Services include but may not be limited to the following:

a. Content Storage
b. Content Editing Services
c. Naming Conventions
d. Meta Data Insertion
e. Content Grouping
f. Encoding / Exporting / Transcoding Services
g. Copyright Data Insertion
h. Content Retrieval & Distribution

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